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Electrical Testing and Inspection

 There are two main types of electrical testing and inspection for the home and office. Periodic inspection of the fixed wiring including safety devices, and Portable Appliance Testing....also know as PAT

Periodic Inspection Reporting (EICR)

The New Electrical Installation Condition Report has replaced the Electrical Periodic Inspection, which came into effect in January 2012 updated for 2018 and now again in 2022

Electrical Safety checks need to be carried out regularly to check for any dangerous conditions occurring within your electrical system, at it is recommended that these are carried out at no more than 5 yearly intervals.

Faults  are not normally noticeable until something has seriously gone wrong, which may then lead to a fire, giving you an electric shock, or just becoming a nuisance when the power keeps going off!

The only way to find these problems before something serious happens is to have a Periodic Inspection or, as it is now called an Electrical Installation Condition Report, carried out. This usually involves carefully checking each circuit from your fuse box / consumer unit using sensitive equipment to test and check the circuit readings for continuity and insulation conditions. Fixed items such as sockets and switches are also checked for damage or poor connections. These results are then interpreted by the qualified electrician to determine the safety of your system. A report of compliance can then be issued if all is well and the system meets the requirements of the electrical regulations.

New installations can be certified for up to 10 years from the date of installation. This needs to be signed by the installer who was also the designer. They should provide you with a New Installation Certificate, and also be registered with your local council to comply with Part P of the building regulations.

Older installations should be tested at intervals of no longer than 5 years; shorter periods if there are issues regarding re-inspection.

Reasons for carrying out these checks include: buying a new home, letting, alterations, change of tenant. Landlord checks.


Costs for this varies depending on the size of system, our charges are from £125.00 for a single bedroom flat, a 3 bedroom house typically costs from £155.00.​ Packages for Landlords including PAT and Smoke Alarm testing are available on request.

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